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[personal profile] simont Mon 2016-03-07 13:30
An unsatisfying resolution

I've not been posting here in a while, and it seems to me that one reason why not is that I increasingly don't feel as if I have the brain-space to put together a long and well thought-out post about anything.

Perhaps, therefore, I should begin to fix this by posting short and/or inconsequential things. To kick off with, here's one that is both.

I lost a sock the other week. I did it in the way you normally lose socks: at one time I had N socks, and at a time considerably later I had N-1, and there were a lot of things that happened in between, so I don't know which was responsible.

(That's what makes the sock lost, of course – if I could narrow down to one event, I could have just gone and got the sock back from wherever that one happened.)

I looked for it everywhere, and it didn't turn up. I resigned myself to having only N-1 of those socks – until I did the laundry yesterday, and found that when I came to hang everything up, I inexplicably had N of them again.

So I found the sock in the same way as I lost it: I don't know what thing I did caused it to reappear.

That's the worst way to find a sock. The problem is solved, but in a way that sheds no light on the mystery! Arrrgh!

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