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[personal profile] simont Sun 2014-10-26 19:58
Back once again for the origin/master

This weekend, after preparation and faff lasting several months, I migrated all of my free software projects out of Subversion into a collection of git repositories.

Good grief, it was a faff! It's surprisingly like moving house – there's no end of just-one-more-things that all have to be sorted out, and every so often you turn a corner and find another huge list of things to add to the list, and it's exhausting sorting it all out. I did as much as I could ahead of time (e.g. I did the work of stopping various projects from depending on a monotonic revision number a few weeks in advance of the moment of migration itself), and there's a big list of sortings-out left to be done which I'll get round to once I've rested, but even so, the actual ‘moving day’ still had a lot of bits and pieces I couldn't move to another day. I'll find work restful tomorrow, I think!

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